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Who are we ?

AMT Holz GmbH is a German company based in Munich, Bavaria. established in 2022 as part of a multi-national group. We have an experience of over 25 years in the wood and timber industry. with trading offices, loading yard and sawmills in different companies around the globe.

Our group consists of the following affiliates :

  • Jordan : 

- Kubra General Co. Trading company , local sales in Jordan and Iraq 

​- Al Fadel for wood industries company : representing Canadian companies in Pakistan market  

- Al Sawsanah wood trading: international business in several international markets like India, Pakistan , china , Egypt ......etc 

  • Ukraine :

-  Blacksea wood industries : running 2 sawmills in Kalinovka and Rudniya Kiev oblast . www.blackseawood,com 

- Rudniya lumber production : owns 9 drying chambers and does the drying service in-house and as service. 

  • Dubai :

- Trading company registered in Sharjah, handling GCC markets​

  • Pakistan :

- Trading office located in Pakistan , handling sales of Canadian wood in Pakistan and representing German sawmills in Pakistan ​

  • Taiwan :

- Trading office located in Taipei and selling mainly Ilim timber in Taiwan and Austrian reject grades in Taiwan and China.  ​

Main Markets:

We are selling over 24 markets around the world, our main markets are: 


  • Iraq 

  • Egypt

  • Algeria 

  • Sudan 

  • Pakistan 

  • India 

  • Philippines 

  • Malaysia 

  • Vietnam 

  • China 

  • Taiwan 

  • Nigeria 

  • UAE 

  • Jordan 

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